COOLE SWAN Dairy Cream Liqueur Premium Irish Cream Liqueur 70cl Bottle

Price: £24.95

Coole Swan is the world’s first Super Premium Irish Cream Liqueur. Coole Swan’s simple aim is to offer the most exquisite tasting Irish Cream Liqueur. To achieve this every single ingredient they source is of the highest quality.

Packaged in a premium frosted bottle accented with stunning blue labelling, Coole Swan uses fresh cream from Ireland’s richest dairylands, which is blended with Single Malt Irish Whiskey tempered with the softest charcoal-filtered spirit. The heart of the blend comprises bittersweet notes of velvety-smooth white and dark chocolate, delicate infusions of Madagascan vanilla and rich cocoa from Cote d’Ivoire.

Serve Coole Swan ice-cold in a frozen glass to enjoy its wonderful complexity of flavour – the smoothness of the cream, the distinctive notes of chocolate, cocoa and vanilla and the underlying depth of character of the Single Malt.Cream liqueur
Great replacement for Baileys
Coole Swan is a tasty cream liqueur made with Irish whiskey, cocoa, vanilla and double cream.

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