golf gifts for men gift set cool pens In the shape of a golf clubs Suitable for dad gifts ballpoint pen is also a novelty gifts for dad or grandad

Price: £19.99 - £9.99

Golf is undoubtedly the game of gentlemen. Where men with clubs stroll around a large area of luscious green grass shouting words like bogey, four and birdie, and can dress in any fashion they like as long as its t-shirts with trousers. Its the only time in a grown-ups life when its acceptable to randomly shout out silly words and hit little white balls as far as they possibly can. No wonder you love it!

The beautiful pens have golf grip lids and their very own golf club bits to make them look that little bit more authentic. These three gorgeous pens come in a stunning silver finish and are designed to look just like the real thing. The set of three pens comes with red, black and blue ink and has a driver, putter and an iron to help you make sure you can keep playing the beautiful gentlemens game, even when youre not supposed to! Desk Golf, anyone?!

Set yourself up for a day’s work with the three different coloured ball point pen golf club. Tee up a ball and hit the black driver straight down the middle of your desk, then leave yourself the perfect black iron approach over your laptop and on to the green, grab the blue putter and sink the putt for the all important birdie.

About the Product:
Set of 3 pens shaped as golf clubs!
Each club has different coloured ink; Putter (Blue), Wedge (Black) and Wood (Red)
Rubber handle hides the pen nib!
Each pen measures approx. 15.5 cm x 2.5 cm
Pens consist of metal, plastic and rubber
What do you get?
Set of 3 Golf Club Pens
Packaged in a lovely gift box
Irresistible Reasons To Buy
A generous 30 day money back guarantee.A set of 3 golf clubs ballpoint pens golf gifts for men :Three Golf Club Shaped Pen Set of a Wedges , a Wood and a Putter Irons , each in a Different Coloured ink of Black , Blue and Red
hongred is Sole Legal Seller . cool pens In the shape of a golf clubs as a relatively novelty gifts for dad he is not only suitable for men or dad but also golf gifts for ladies .
We will be equipped with a Black gift boxes for presents gift set , no need to prepare other on happy birthday gifts. our golf pens golf accessories gadgets for men can be paired with golf towel and golf hat or golf clubs for men to make up your exclusive mens gift sets add birthday cards as a good gifts for dads
When you have to do a golf ball marker on us open golf balls , you can do it at any time.ballpoint pen great for golf presents for men in fathers day 2019. Gifts for grandad gifts mens gifts and dad gifts
golf clubs for men model shape allows you to play games on the table in your free time and enjoy the outdoors at home . Made of high-grade aluminum alloy to ensure quality and durability

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