Junip The Whisky

Price: £26.30

JUNIP The Whiskey is a non-alcoholic whiskey made from carefully selected

ingredients. Looks like whisky, smells and tastes like whisky – the perfect non-

alcoholic alternative for all your favourite whiskey-based drinks. Perfect for drinking

“on the rocks”, old-fashioned or mixed with fresh drinks and fruits. Made from

malted cereals and spices, JUNIP Whiskey is 100% natural, sugar-free, alcohol-free

and without artificial flavours. It is as tasty as Whiskey, but without fermentation

Process and quality: Maintaining the high quality of our spirits is very important to

us. That is why JUNIP is developed by experts, based on a centuries-old, proven and

gentle aroma extraction process. Only carefully selected and hand-picked plants and

spices are selected and used in their natural form to achieve exceptional biological

quality. No additives or preservatives are used.

Our spirits are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The

ingredients used come from organic cultivation and our JUNIP spirits are bottled in

Germany by hand and with love.

Best Served: Perfect on ice or “old fashioned” with a piece of brown sugar and bitter cloth

0% alcohol – 100% Flavour

Sugar-free I Calorie-free I Non-alcoholic

🥃 ALCOHOL-FREE WHISKEY: Finally, you can enjoy a delicious cocktail with whiskey flavour without worrying about hangover
🥃 FOR EVERYONE: You do not like going to parties? Because you are a teetotaler. Now take this non-alcoholic whisky with you and join your friends
🥃 FLAVORFUL: Our alcohol-free whiskey unveils a delicious taste of almonds, pepper, peat and flowers with a complex and aromatic finish
🥃 0 SUGAR & 0 CALORIES: Enjoy your evening with our healthy alternative to alcohol – enjoy your favourite cocktails without their calories
🥃 100% NATURAL: JUNIP whisky is made with the same ingredients as traditional whiskey – simply without fermentation

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