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Dethlac 250 ml Insecticidal Lacquer (Kills Insects such as Ants, Woodlice and Cockroaches, Surface Spray for Homes and Gardens, Remains Effective for Months)

Price: £6.490 - £4.50
(as of Jun 20,2020 16:43:03 UTC – Details)

Insect surface spray kills ants, woodlice, cockroaches and other crawling bugs; child and pet safe once dry
Insecticidal lacquer can be applied to any non-absorbent surface indoors in the home or outdoors in the garden; rain-proof formulation remains effective for months even after being washed with detergent
Bug killer spray dries to a hard, clear film which kills insects such as woodlice, silverfish, ants and cockroaches within a few hours of coming into contact with the treated surface
Insecticidal lacquer can be applied to doors, window frames (not UPVC) skirting boards, shelves and patios or any other non-absorbent surface in the home or garden
Apply to cracks and crevices and places where insects may hide; contains deltamethrin

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