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HYDRA Fountain Clear Water Feature Cleaning Fountain Cleaner Treatment Keeps Water Crystal Clear from Algae, Green Water, Biofilm Build-up 1L Treats 30,000L Highest Dilution Rates

Price: £29.95
(as of Jul 23,2021 09:53:02 UTC – Details)

DO NOT USE IN WATER SYSTEMS WITH FISH, PLANTS AND OTHER AQUATIC LIFE. In use dilution this product is non-toxic, safe for animals, birds equally effective in hard water. If treated water splashes on surrounding plants and flowers, it should not harm them. Discharge of the low concentrations commonly used in fountains and water features poses no environmental threat. Shock Dose Rate 1:10,000. Maintenance Dose Rate 1:30,000.
CRYSTAL CLEAR CLEAN FOUNTAIN WATER… All year for use in both indoor and outdoor water features, saves hours of work manually cleaning your system. Rapidly removes algae in water feature, slime build-up in fountains and water features.
WATER FEATURE CLEANING… Total protection against algae and green water in all water recirculation systems, simply shock dose system which will clear water in a couple of days.
NON-FOAMING… Safe to use on all types of materials like stones, resin, metals including stainless steel and brass. Fountain safe water feature cleaner, Shelf life 3 years.
FOUNTAIN WATER CLEANER…. For water feature care use the best fountain clear treatment complete water sterilisation, prevents harmful bacteria. Effective against Legionella (Legionnaires’ Disease).

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