RealAir SF260 (PC DVD)

Price: £3.36
(as of Jul 03,2022 20:23:03 UTC – Details)

Completely new Virtual Cockpit with separate panel layouts for left and right seats
New truly 3D gauges that have depth and realism and silky smooth movement
Choice of 9 different paint schemes with the ability to fly each from the right or left seat
Convenient quick panel zooms so you can effortlessly zoom in on Radios, IFR instruments and controls
New super-smooth radio tuning innovation using simple left/right click and drag mouse operation
Bump-mapped textures on wings which show fantastic detail from the cockpit looking out to the wing
Improved spin and recovery characteristics…the spin now continues with stick centred
Enhanced stereo sounds that take advantage of FSX’s sound engine
New enhances smoke effects,improved gauge backlight at night and improved Virtual Cockpit interior graphics

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